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We ship using USPS or UPS unless a specific request to the contrary is made by the customer. In such a case, any expense beyond what we would have expected using our carriers will be the responsibility of the consumer.


If the shipping address provided cannot be delivered to (for instance, UPS will not deliver to a PO Box), any additional expense beyond what would have been expected for that zip code destination will be the responsibility of the customer. BE MINDFUL of that; if you have a PO Box in Alaska, that'll cost a fortune, and would make more sense to have delivered to a friend or family member. While we try to contact customers in those cases, we don't get them all.

We COPY/PASTE address data. If a package comes back, we will contact you for reshipment instructions and you will be responsible for the cost of the trip. BE MINDFUL of this is you're ordering a larger sign as those almost exclusively get sent UPS and they charge freight for every time it moves. A returned UPS package will need have the return trip to us *and* the subsequent reshipment paid for. Make sure you give us the right shipping data!


You may cancel an order at any time prior to the order going to design. Once your sign has been proofed, a cancellation will incur a 25% charge; if it has been approved and gone to production, cancellations incur a 50% charge.

Our products are almost always highly personalized. If you ordered one of the few offerings in our store that are not, we will accept a return of undamaged merchandise (you cover return freight) and will refund 75% of the purchase price thereupon. For everything else (customized orders) where errors were made due to the reasons listed below, we will make the necessary corrections and reship your original order at no charge to you.

  1. Item includes a spelling error made by 360 Promotion that was NOT present in the approved proof.

  2. Item had incorrect customization features NOT present in the approved proof.

Important: Customer typos or incorrect order options that make it through the proofing process disqualify the product from being replaced or refunded. Read that again: ANY item that matches an approved proof cannot be returned, will not be replaced gratis, and will not be refunded. If a proof was not approved due to lack of communication from the buyer, we will not accept a return nor make a refund or pro bono replacement. We have no use for returned customized items; do with them as you wish.

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