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Manly Mug
  • Manly Mug

    Stand out with this solid AF aluminum alloy mug! The ladies go crazy over Stan|ey mugs - let them have their sparkly colors. This "Manly" mug is 20 ounces of testosterone driven awesome, available in just one color - as dark as your sense of humor. Unapologetically badass, this almost 2 pound tactical blacktical stein has 3 picatinny rails to hold your accessories - like a sight level, perhaps. Unflinchingly unique, it comes with the Manly logo and distressed Stars and Bars (and some like-minded Easter eggs), though the flag can be removed (if Bud Light is your drink of choice, let's say), and we can add custom details of your choosing (contact with design ideas and for pricing). Unafraid to be an Alpha, just like you, it has an A1 sight group for the carry handle and a flash hider/meat tenderizer base. This is sure to be your top choice for happy hour and sending the soy boys to their safe spaces.